Place - carriers within its history, identity and relations. 
Non-place - exists beyond the history, relations and the game of identity. It is temporary and it is not meant to build upon, neither to create nor have a greater meaning.
    Home is an example of a place wh en non-places are typically the spaces of a traveller (hotel rooms, airports, roads...) (Marc Augé, 1992)
(Non) Place is a speculative proposal of a living unit that challenges the concept of AIRBNB. The project focuses on the transitional nature of a house/apartment which constantly changes its status between someone's home (place) and someone else's hotel room (non-place). It also questions Airbnb Plus requirements which guidelines aim for a unique and genuine experience. Paradoxically, this should be achieved by staging the houses according to a detailed template provided by Airbnb. In consequence, the produced space becomes ubiquitously generic and the phrase "machine for living" seems to take on new meaning in a distorted form.

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